Code of Conduct

The Armor Insurance Services, LLC code of conduct is based upon fair treatment of customers, colleagues, agents and staff . The values and rules of behavior in everyday business dealings shall be based upon a genuine concern for the welfare of our customer. A worthy litmus test shall always be…

“Is this a product, service or recommendation that you would consider for your own mother, father, brother or sister… if she/he were in the same situation?”

We must respect the rights of our constituents and contribute to the welfare of our key stakeholders. We must protect the privacy of our clients by complying with all PHI, HIPAA, CMS and TDI laws, rules and regulations.

Each staff member, employee and agent  is responsible for detecting fraud, waste and abuse as it pertains to Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and any other products and services… to include internal operations of Armor Insurance Services, LLC. During initial new hire training and on an annual basis (concurrent with MAPD, PDP and ACA training), a review of this code of conduct and FWA training shall be conducted for all personnel associated with Armor Insurance Services, LLC.

If you, as a consumer, have a concern with a code of conduct violation please contact our offices immediately. 1.888.922.2789 (Texas) or 1.855.522.2765 (Oklahoma).