There is just so much information for anyone to scroll through, we thought it would appropriate to defer to the ultimate experts……..Medicare and Social Security! Of course, you can always give us a call or send to us an e-mail with your questions.


This link will take you to the Medicare website FAQ page where nearly 600 questions and answers are available for your viewing.  Please click here for additional information.

Social Security Retirement

There is not a single “best” answer for when a person or couple should take Social Security benefits. That is a personal decision impacted by a myriad of different variables.
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Agency Questions

Why should we work with your agency?
Simple. We will work harder for your business than other competitors. Likewise, we specialize in the senior marketplace and as a result we feel confident that we are more competent in this area than most other “full service” agencies.

What is the difference in working with you versus Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas directly?

A couple of things. First, you will always pay your premium directly to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They will send to you all of the appropriate correspondence that relates to your policy and any claims that you may have. We work as your advocate. If you have billing or premium problems, coverage issues or any general questions, we stand by to assist you. Second, we have a great interest in your satisfaction. We get paid a commission for submitted and paid applications. If you are not satisfied, you will take your business elsewhere. Along with that goes the commission payment to the Agency. For our Agency to not maintain high renewal persistency through quality customer service is a foolish business endeavor. We strive to keep you as a valuable customer.

You mention commissions, will my rate be higher if I use your Agency than if I used Blue Cross and Blue Shield directly?

No. Blue Cross and Blue Shield files its’ rates with the appropriate regulatory agency each year. Inclusive in that rate are commissions paid to Agents or Agencies. The premium rate that you will be required to pay will be exactly the same as if purchased through our Agency or with Blue Cross and Blue Shield directly.

How long will it take to apply and get a policy back?

If you apply online, it will be only a matter of days before your policy arrives. If you have the application, sales guide, and outline of coverage it only requires a quick phone call to our office at 888.922.2789 (Texas residents) or 855.522.2765 (Oklahoma residents). We can assist you in filling out the application (and replacement form if required) correctly and quickly. You can mail to us the completed application in the business reply envelope or fax the application to us at 817.410.4700. We usually fax the applications to BCBS administration on the same day that we receive your application, provided it is complete and legible…..and we receive it from you before 4:00 pm M-F CST/CDT. Once BCBS receives your application, it usually takes approximately 5-7 business days to get the insurance policy and insurance cards to you.

Please note:
If you are not covered by a Guarantee Issue eligibility provision, do not to cancel your existing coverage until you are  satisfied that you are covered by your new policy.

Do I need to send a personal check in with the application?

No. Please do not send a check. You will be billed with a premium notice inside your insurance policy folder when it arrives. The premium notice shall be in the amount of the modal premium that you selected on your application.

What about a bank draft?

You may submit bank draft information on your application. Your account will be drafted on the effective date of your policy and on that date each month thereafter (anniversary date). If your anniversary date falls on a holiday or weekend, your account will be drafted on the following business day. If you elect to pay your premium by bank draft, do not submit a voided check or the first months’ premium with your application.