11 Tips for Handling Telemarketing Scams and Suspicious Calls

Every year thousands of people are losing money thanks to Telemarketing scams. Whether they are selling health insurance, security systems, a trip to Vegas, or the chance to win a free car – the pitch is the same. By remembering these 10 tips for handling suspicious calls, you can protect your hard earned cash.  

Part D

Medicare Part D is the prescription drug portion of Medicare.  Part D can be obtained through a stand-alone prescription drug plan, or through a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). You are able to sign up for a Prescription Drug Plan at certain times of the year, and at special events within your lifetime. You may

Turning 65 and Still Working – What Are My Options?

For most people, turning age 65 means becoming eligible for Medicare. If you have no health insurance currently, this is a fairly simple process. If however you are still working and have health insurance from your employer, you may be wondering what options you have. Part A of Medicare if Still Working? The first thing