Medicare Supplement – Excess Charges


When comparing Medicare Supplement plans, you will often come across the term “Part B Excess Charges”.

Part B Excess charges relate to what a doctor charges, and what the plan will actually cover. Medicare has a list of every imaginable procedure, and the costs associated with that visit or procedure.

If you go to a doctor that does not accept “Medicare Assignment”, the physician may charge more than the Medicare approved amount. Any additional amount charged would be considered “excess”. The doctor is limited to charging a maximum of 15% over the Medicare approved amount.  Some Medicare Supplements cover “excess charges”.  Others don’t.

Before seeing a doctor, ask if they accept “Medicare Assignment”.

If you are using Medicare’s website to search for providers, next to each doctor’s name in the search results you will see a clipboard icon. If the icon of the clipboard has a blue “M” on the front, that doctor or provider accepts “Medicare Assignment.”